TokyoHot n0854 Cute Weather Reporter
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016
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TokyoHot n0854 Cute Weather Reporter


Clear black hair beautiful girl · Saki Kobashi sinks and shows miserable appearance! The cute, first-time smile is also the best. A lovely daughter loved by everyone. I can have a favorable feeling a little natural and frankly. However, the world knew too much. There is no immunity to the smell cock. A cock is stormed one after another and a beautiful man is so damned quickly. Even though smile has disappeared continuously, a figure devastating a dedicated cleaning blowjob invites erection again. Even if you do anything you absolutely obedience to the Gentlemen. This daughter must have a meat slave gene incorporated. The original appearance of a pretty girl who is intrusive to an unspecified majority. I made a pledge to be a comfortable lifetime pushing the branding of the meat slave. Saki is a popular weather caster. The weather forecasters in charge are always high viewership ratings. It will be up to new corner to respond to requests from viewers as we raise the further ratings. But the request I received was a dildo masturbation in a bathing suit. I am astounded, but the live program can not interrupt the broadcast. I start changing clothes in front of the camera in swimwear. I am excited about the embarrassing appearance of hiding the bust and crotch. And it was a licking tongue with the dildo passed. Chupa Chupa in the manner of a blowjob. More obscenity than I imagined. Is he really motivated?

清楚な黒髪美少女・小橋咲が撃沈して無残な姿に!キュートで初々しい笑顔も最高。誰からも愛される素敵な娘。少し天然系で素直なところも好感が持てます。しかし世間知らず過ぎました。臭いチンポには全く免疫無し。次々とチンポを突き立てられ美マンは直ぐにボロボロ。連続中出しされ笑顔が消滅しても献身的なお掃除フェラを披露する姿がまた勃起を誘います。どんな事をされても殿方には絶対服従。この娘には肉奴隷遺伝子が組み込まれているに違いありません。不特定多数に中出しされるのが初心な美少女の本来の姿。肉奴隷の烙印を押し生涯慰み者になる事を誓わせました。  咲は大人気のお天気キャスター。担当する天気予報はいつも高視聴率。さらなる視聴率アップをはかり視聴者からの要望に応える新コーナーを任される事になる。しかし寄せられた要望は水着でのディルドオナニー。仰天するも生番組のため放送は中断出来ない。仕方なくカメラの前で水着に着替え始める。バストと股間を隠しての恥ずかしそうな様子に興奮。そして渡されたディルドを舌でペロペロ。フェラチオの要領でチュパチュパ。想像以上の卑猥さ。実はやる気満々か。